Magliano in Toscana

Magliano in Toscana

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“As takes place with people, some places provoke great fondness, even before we understand the reason behind this fondness; so it is with Magliano. Situated on the crest of a hillock, just where the hills slope down to the sea, from its first unfolding betwixt pale green olive orchards, it is pleasantly striking, and its beauty acquires an additional emotional element, due to its seeming suddenness of its unfolding […] as the extreme farewell of this wild land and, at the same time, as a silent and ardent prayer to not forget her […].”

C.A.Nicolosi, 1911

Magliano in Toscana is Maremma land: with its laughing hillocks which softly slope down to the sunny plains Uccellina and Albegna, and its wide vista overlooking the sea. The Mediterranean scrub harmoniously alternates with farmlands and grasslands. The town is evocative, surrounded by silvery-green olive trees and the old Aldobrandeschi walls (XI century).

Many Etruscan necropolis were found in the territory (Poggio Volpaio, Poggio Bacchino, Le Mollaie, le Ficaie, Santa Maria in Borraccia, il Pisciolo, San Bruzio and, further north, Poggio Bestiale) which date back to the period between the late VII century b.C. and the last quarter of the VI century.


“Montiano, a primeval town crouched on the summit of a hill…”

(C.A.Nicolosi, 1911)

The old town center of this small village is made up of two nuclei enclosed within a circle of fifteenth-century walls which today are, for the most part, incorporated into the buildings. The castle, Castrum Montianus, was built by the Aldobrandeschi family between 1000 and 1100.

The small sixteenth-century church of Saint Joseph faces it, as well as an inner courtyard which is accessed through a main door surmounted by the Medici coat of arms.


Pereta is a typical hill town surrounded by greenery. Built by the Aldobradeschi family between the X and XI centuries, it became an important military center which guarded a staging post road which connected the coast to the mountain.

The old town center still bears the original characteristics of the medieval walled town. The oldest settlement, built by the Aldobrandeschi family between the X and XII centuries, is clearly noticeable in the upper part of the town. It is enclosed by a series of buildings placed side by side until they form a circular fence whose outer walls served as defensive fortifications.

Borgo Magliano Resort

Borgo Magliano Resort

Strada della Capitana , Loc. Sterpeti, Magliano in Toscana
The village is situated on a hill facing the landscape more ‘evocative of the Tuscan Maremma, More info

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