In Maremma you can visit beautiful areas, laden with scents and colours which, once they have entered your soul, you will not easily forget.

All you need is a backpack and an adventurous disposition and it’s a walk in the park: you will experience thrills you never thought possible.

Sport in the Maremma

You can go on excursions, immersions, long bike rides and hikes through areas of historical and cultural interest. Furthermore the hospitality structures offer a wide range of sports, such as golf, horse-riding, fitness, a gym, swimming and tennis; they also organize excursions and you can also engage in water sports.

Free Time

Finding ways to occupy your free time won’t be a problem: our hospitality structures offer entertainment services for young and old. However, if you are not interested in this service you can avail yourself of many more, such as Jacuzzis, wellness centers, thermal treatments, the solarium and the sauna for those who wish to pamper their bodies.

Sporting persons can engage in agricultural activities, fish or have fun at the piano bar. Besides all this, anyone who may so desire can avail themselves of the bathing establishments and, within the hospitality structures, of the meeting room, congress room, TV room and playroom or watch a movie. In other words, we’re certain that you won’t get bored during your free time.